Research Interests

Zebrafish pfeffer mutant
  • Applied dynamical systems
  • Computational and mathematical biology
  • Data science
  • Dynamics of patterns and nonlinear waves
  • Numerical continuation

Nonlinear waves

Planar spiral wave

My group has studied the existence, stability, and bifurcations of nonlinear waves, ranging from one-dimensional travelling waves and source defects to planar spiral waves.

Undergraduate research

REU Summer@ICERM 2016

I have organized several research experiences for undergraduates as part of NSF-funded REUs or Brown-funded UTRA projects. The photo is from Summer@ICERM 2016, where 26 undergraduate researchers worked with a team of graduate students, postdocs, and 3 faculty (including me). Please take a look at my undergraduate research page for more information.

Mathematical biology

mRNA localization simulation zebrafish fin simulation

My lab has focused on modeling patterning and localization during the early development of organisms. With Kimberly Mowry's lab and Veronica Ciocanel's group, we developed models to understand the role played by molecular motors and anchoring in mRNA localization in Xenopus oocytes based on experimental FRAP data. With Alexandria Volkening's lab, we investigated robustness and redundancy of stripe patterning in the Danio zebrafish family using agent-based models.

Computational biology

Dendrogram of significant genes

I am interested in applications of data science to problems in genomics. In collaboration with Sohini Ramachandran's lab, my group has shown that clustering algorithms can extract differential genetic architectures between immunological and metabolic phenotypes from gene-level association statistics.

Optimal transport

single-cell data alignment

In collaboration with Ritambhara Singh's lab, we developed an unsupervised algorithm (SCOT – Single Cell alignment with Optimal Transport) to perform cell-to-cell alignment of single-cell multi-omic datasets using optimal transport.