Undergraduate researchers in my lab

I have worked with the following undergraduate students on research projects ranging from applications and modelling to theoretical foundations:
  • 2010: Sorakrit Atcharanuwat, Wenhao Fang, Kesinee Ninsuwan
  • 2011: Nadejda Drenska, Thunwa Theerakarn, Do Young Yoon
  • 2012: Nadejda Drenska, Chukiat Phonsom, Zuhal Zeynep Yildirim
  • 2014: Courtney Cochrane, Joseph DeGuire, Bridget Gaoyang Fan, Emma Holmes, Melissa McGuirl, Patrick Murphy, Jenna Pearson
  • 2015: Joshua Rubin Abrams, Emma Byrne, Christian Cofoid, Rose Nguyen, Anne Schwartz, Mackenzie Simper, Nathaniel Ventura, Colin Wahl
  • 2016: Madeline Abbott, Dylan Altschuler, Chloe Avery, Dorothy Catey, Carter Chain, Neil Chandra, Tracy Chin, Cassandra Cole, Surabhi Desai, Philip Doldo, Bethany Dubois, Qing (Claire) Fan, Francesca Lim, Micah Pedrick, Jacob Ruth, Tharathep (Nes) Sangsawang, Rebecca Santorella, Melissa Stadt, Ryan Utke, and Aric Wheeler
  • 2018: Emily Reed
  • 2019: Addie Harrison, Gisela Hoxha, Gil Parnon, Madison Russell, Berke Turkay
  • 2020: Nathan Elbaum, Sam Maffa, Shaun Kohli, Lee Ding, Lucas Mastromatteo, Sarah Reichheld
  • 2021: Electa Cleveland, Stacey Xiang, Angela Zhu
  • 2022: Suany Barahona, Marchelle Beougher, Miles Mena, Shira Michel, Ashley Peake, Connor Shrader
  • 2024: Mia Busuladzic-Begic

Publications with undergraduate researchers:

  1. W. Zhao, S. Maffa, and B. Sandstede.
    Data-driven continuation of patterns and their bifurcations. Preprint.
  2. E Cleveland, A Zhu, B Sandstede, and A Volkening.
    Quantifying different modeling frameworks using topological data analysis: a case study with zebrafish patterns.
    SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems (accepted).
  3. T Chin, J Ruth, C Sanford, R Santorella, P Carter, and B Sandstede.
    Enabling equation-free modeling via diffusion maps.
    Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations (accepted).
  4. K Mallory, JR Abrams, A Schwartz, MV Ciocanel, A Volkening, and B Sandstede.
    Influenza spread on context-specific networks lifted from interaction-based-diary data.
    Royal Society Open Science 8 (2021) 191876.
  5. A Volkening, MR Abbott, N Chandra, B Dubois, F Lim, D Sexton, and B Sandstede.
    Modeling stripe formation on growing zebrafish tailfins.
    Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 82 (2020) 56.
  6. T Aougab, M Beck, P Carter, S Desai, B Sandstede, M Stadt, and A Wheeler.
    Isolas versus snaking of localized rolls.
    Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations 31 (2019) 1199-1222.
  7. JJ Bramburger, D Altschuler, CI Avery, T Sangsawang, M Beck, P Carter, and B Sandstede.
    Localized radial roll patterns in higher space dimensions.
    SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems 18 (2019) 1420-1453.
  8. B Barker, R Nguyen, B Sandstede, N Ventura, and C Wahl.
    Computing Evans functions numerically via boundary-value problems.
    Physica D 367 (2018) 1–10.
  9. C Xia, C Cochrane, J DeGuire, G Fan, E Holmes, M McGuirl, P Murphy, J Palmer, P Carter, L Slivinski, and B Sandstede.
    Assimilating Eulerian and Lagrangian data in traffic-flow models.
    Physica D 346 (2017) 59-72.
  10. B Sandstede and T Theerakarn.
    Regularity of center manifolds via the graph transform.
    Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations 27 (2015) 989-1006.
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