Research Group

Photo of Bjorn Sandstede
Photo of Erik Bergland
Erik Bergland
general relativity, dynamical systems
Photo of Milen Ivanov
Milen Ivanov
stability and interactions of defects
Photo of Rebecca Santorella
Rebecca Santorella
mathematical biology, data science, and dynamical systems
Photo of Timothy Roberts
Timothy Roberts
singular perturbation theory, travelling waves
Photo of Moyi Tian
Moyi Tian
lattice dynamical systems
Photo of Tony Wong
Tony Wong
applied dynamical systems, scientific computing
Photo of Wenjun Zhao
Wenjun Zhao
optimal transport

Former undergraduate research students

Photo of Summer@ICDERM team
I have worked with the following undergraduate students on research projects as part of NSF-funded REUs or Brown funded UTRA projects:
  • 2010: Sorakrit Atcharanuwat, Wenhao Fang, Kesinee Ninsuwan
  • 2011: Nadejda Drenska, Thunwa Theerakarn, Do Young Yoon
  • 2012: Nadejda Drenska, Chukiat Phonsom, Zuhal Zeynep Yildirim
  • 2014: Courtney Cochrane, Joseph DeGuire, Bridget Gaoyang Fan, Emma Holmes, Melissa McGuirl, Patrick Murphy, Jenna Pearson
  • 2015: Joshua Rubin Abrams, Emma Byrne, Christian Cofoid, Rose Nguyen, Anne Schwartz, Mackenzie Simper, Nathaniel Ventura, Colin Wahl
  • 2016: Madeline Abbott, Dylan Altschuler, Chloe Avery, Dorothy Catey, Carter Chain, Neil Chandra, Tracy Chin, Cassandra Cole, Surabhi Desai, Philip Doldo, Bethany Dubois, Qing (Claire) Fan, Francesca Lim, Micah Pedrick, Jacob Ruth, Tharathep (Nes) Sangsawang, Rebecca Santorella, Melissa Stadt, Ryan Utke, and Aric Wheeler (all were part of the Summer@ICERM 2016 program that also included RTG and I-Team UTRA teams)
  • 2018: Emily Reed
  • 2019: Addie Harrison, Gisela Hoxha, Gil Parnon, Madison Russell, Berke Turkay
  • 2020: Nathan Elbaum, Sam Maffa, Shaun Kohli, Lee Ding, Lucas Mastromatteo, Sarah Reichfeld
  • 2021: Electa Cleveland, Stacey Xiang, Angela Zhu

Former MSc students

Photo of Mita Das
Mita Das
Senior Lecturer, Bentley University
(MSc 2004 from Ohio State)
Photo of Adam Miller
Adam Miller
Senior Research Fellow, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
(MSc 2002 from Ohio State)

Former PhD students

Photo of Daniele Avitabile
Daniele Avitabile
Associate Professor, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
(Thesis, Surrey 2008)
Photo of Xuefei Cao
Xuefei Cao
Research Scientist, Meta
(Thesis, Brown 2020)
Photo of Paul Carter
Paul Carter
Assistant Professor, UC Irvine
(Thesis, Brown 2016)
Photo of Veronica Ciocanel
Veronica Ciocanel
Assistant Professor, Duke University
(Thesis, Brown 2017)
Photo of Stephanie Dodson
Stephanie Dodson
Krener Assistant Professor, UC Davis
(Thesis, Brown 2019)
Photo of Anna Ghazaryan
Anna Ghazaryan
Professor, Miami University
(Thesis, Ohio State 2005)
Photo of Milen Ivanov
Milen Ivanov
Deans' Faculty Fellow
(Thesis, (Brown 2021)
Photo of Ang Li
Ang Li
Quantitative Trader, Five Rings Capital
(Thesis, (Brown 2020)
Photo of Elizabeth Makrides
Elizabeth Makrides
Chief Operating Officer, Bascom-Turner Instruments
(Thesis, Brown 2016)
Photo of Kristina Mallory
Kristina Mallory
Adjunct Lecturer, Brown University
(Thesis, (Brown 2021)
Photo of Vahagn Manukian
Vahagn Manukian
Associate Professor, Miami University
(Thesis, Ohio State 2005)
Photo of Scott McCalla
Scott McCalla
Associate Professor, Montana State University
(Thesis, Brown 2011)
Photo of Melissa McGuirl
Melissa McGuirl
Machine Learning Engineer, Spotify
(Thesis, Brown 2020)
Photo of Kelly McQuighan
Kelly McQuighan
Software Engineer, Google
(Thesis, Brown 2014)
Photo of Andrew Nixon
Andrew Nixon
(Thesis, Brown 2015)
Photo of Ross Parker
Ross Parker
RTG Postdoctoral Fellow, Southern Methodist University
(Thesis, Brown 2020)
Photo of Laura Slivinski
Laura Slivinski
Research Associate, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
(Thesis, Brown 2014)
Photo of Man (Sandy) Tsoi
Man (Sandy) Tsoi
Vice President, Peak Reinsurance Company
(Thesis, Ohio State 2006)
Photo of Alexandria Volkening
Alexandria Volkening
Assistant Professor, Purdue University
(Thesis, Brown 2017)
Photo of Chao Xia
Chao Xia
Associate Quantitative Researcher, Man Numeric Investors
(Thesis, Brown 2017)

Former Postdocs mentored

Photo of Blake Barker
Blake Barker
Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University
NSF Postdoc at Brown, 7/2014-6/2016
Photo of Margaret Beck
Margaret Beck
Professor, Boston University
NSF Postdoc at Surrey/Brown, 9/2006-8/2009
Photo of Jason Bramburger
Jason Bramburger
Assistant Professor, George Mason University
NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow at Brown, 9/2017-8/2019
Photo of Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown
Assistant Professor, University of Rhode Island
Data Science Postdoctoral Fellow at Brown 8/2018-7/2020
Photo of Martina Chirilus-Bruckner
Martina Chirilus-Bruckner
Assistant Professor, Leiden University
DFG Fellow at Brown/Boston University, 7/20011-6/2013
Photo of John Gemmer
John Gemmer
Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University
RTG Postdoc at Brown, 7/2013-6/2016
Photo of Peter van Heijster
Peter van Heijster
Professor, Wageningen University & Research
Rubicon Fellow at Brown, 7/2009-6/2011
Photo of Jeffrey Humpherys
Jeffrey Humpherys
AI/ML for Health, Healthcare Innovation and Strategy
VIGRE Postdoc at Ohio State, 9/2002-12/2004
Photo of Hermen Jan Hupkes
Hermen Jan Hupkes
Associate Professor, Leiden University
Rubicon Fellow at Brown, 5/2008-8/2010
Photo of Katherine Kinnaird
Katherine Kinnaird
Assistant Professor, Smith College
Data Science Postdoc at Brown, 7/2016-6/2018
Photo of David Lloyd
David Lloyd
Professor, University of Surrey
Postdoc at Surrey, 10/2005-9/2007
Photo of Toan Nguyen
Toan Nguyen
Professor, Pennsylvania State University
Prager Postdoc at Brown, 7/2010-12/2012
Photo of Myunghyun Oh
Myunghyun Oh
Associate Professor, University of Kansas
Zassenhaus Postdoc at Ohio State, 9/2001-8/2005
Photo of Bart Oldeman
Bart Oldeman
Scientific Computing Analyst, McGill HPC Centre
Postdoc at Ohio State, 9/2002-4/2003
Photo of Daniela Peterhof
Daniela Peterhof
Allianz Insurance
Postdoc at WIAS, 1996-1998
Photo of Sara Maad Sasane
Sara Maad Sasane
Senior lecturer, Lund University
Marie-Curie Intra-European Fellow, 10/2005-1/2007
Photo of Martin Wechselberger
Martin Wechselberger
Professor, University of Sydney
MBI Postdoc at Ohio State, 9/2002-8/2005
Photo of Yancong Xu
Yancong Xu
Professor, Hangzhou Normal University
Postdoc at Brown University, 2011